Planned Maintenance: July 6th, 2024

Saturday, 6 July 4 hours

Today's maintenance is now complete. We have verified that all WordFly systems are running as expected. All recorded email, survey, and RSVP responses have been synced. All campaigns have resumed sending. Thank you for your patience while we completed the update.


The planned maintenance has been completed and we are currently reviewing all systems. Campaigns that were scheduled to send during the downtime have begun sending. Links in sent email campaigns have been working since 3:35pm Pacific.


Our planned maintenance updates are going smoothly. We need more time to wrap things up. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.


The WordFly application is now unavailable for all users while we continue the maintenance of our infrastructure.


All scheduled and automated campaigns have been paused while we complete the maintenance.


The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


We will be conducting routine maintenance and applying upgrades to the WordFly infrastructure over the first weekend in July. The WordFly application will be unavailable for approximately four hours on Saturday, July 6th, while we complete the maintenance.

In addition, we will conduct three hours of performance testing on the new infrastructure on Sunday, July 7th. Our goal is to maintain access to the application during this time. However, there may be times when app performance will be degraded and access may be restricted.

[DAY 1] Required downtime

Start time: Saturday, July 6, at 8am Pacific

Estimated duration: Four hours

During this time:

• You will not be able to log in to

• Scheduled and automated campaigns will be paused.

• Lists will not import.

• Data will not sync to CRMs.

• In previously sent emails, images will load, but links will not work.

When maintenance is complete, all campaigns that were scheduled to send during this time will begin sending. All recorded email, survey, and RSVP responses, as well as new email subscribers, will be queued and synced to WordFly.

[DAY 2] Degraded performance

Start time: Sunday, July 7, at 9am Pacific

Estimated duration: Three hours

During this time:

• You can log in to, but performance may be degraded at times while we are testing.

• Scheduled and automated campaigns will send.

• Lists will import.

• Data will sync to CRMs.

• Images will load in all emails and links will work.

Please follow for updates.

Began at:

Affected components
  • WordFly Web Application
    • List Importing
    • Email Editor
    • Pages Editor
    • Blocks Editor
    • Image Editor
    • Inbox Preview
    • Campaign Reporting
  • Campaign Sending and Tracking
    • Standard Emails
    • Scheduled Emails
    • Automated Emails
    • Test Emails
    • Email Opens & Clicks Tracking
    • SMS Messages
  • Tessitura Integration and Custom Screen